Adi GalliaEdit

Adi Gallia is a strong Jedi and member of the Jedi Council. She dedicates her free time in helping cadets, Jedi or clones, in the Training Room in the Jedi Temple, directing players to the mini-games Lightsaber Duel, Saber Strike, and Blaster Training. She is a skilled opponent to face in Lightsaber Duel, and her outfit is available for purchase with Republic Credits.


This outfit requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Adi Gallia's Boots - 100 Credits
  • Adi Gallia's Gloves - 100 Credits
  • Adi Gallia's Headdress - 500 Credits
  • Adi Gallia's Lightsaber - 800 Credits
  • Adi Gallia's Tunic - 300 Credits