The AAT (Armored Assault Tank) is the primary vehicle used by separatist forces. The AAT appears in many minigames including Republic Gunship, Starfighter, Galactic Forces and Republic Defender.

Republic DefenderEdit

AATs are the first vehicles introduced in Republic Defender and appear in every level except for Defense of Maridun. They are very weak compared to other vehicles and move very slowly. AATs are also vulnurable to EMP and will become paralyzed when hit by an Ion Cannon, Ion Repeater or a simple EMP Grenade.

There are several easy ways to take out AATs. Tank mines work well against them; it only takes two to three tank mines to destroy a singe one. Other special abilities such as the Y-wing Bombers and the Orbital Strike will work as well. The Jedi Heroes special ability especially works well against AATs that come in large groups, being able to take them out in a matter of seconds. Turrets like the Turbolaser Battery and Deactivator will work well against AATs. Simpler turrets also have the ability to take these vehicles down. Rank 3 particle beam Turrets are most useful for defeating AATs in early levels when stronger turrets have not been unlocked. Building groups of Repeating Blasters is also another good way to overwhelm AATs

A stronger variant of the AAT, called the command AAT has slightly more health than the average AAT. It can be distinguished by its blue color and requires more effort to destroy.